Y Do We Dream?

We dream because it is the only way our subconscious mind can communicate with the consciousness!
We live in a duality, where there is two of everything. We have two eyes, a left and a right side, light and darkness, male and female, love and hate, the sun and the moon… We were only teaching, educating, and expanding the left sides of our brains but neglecting the right sides that got stuck in the kindergarden stage when society told us to ignore the imaginary friends or not to dream in daylight…

Then thank God, whether individually or collectively we have endured, evolved, and learned with much pain, discrimination, and suffering that the one is not bigger, better, smarter, or more powerful than the other, although society, religions, and believes tried for too long to make us believe the one is good, strong, powerful, and the other is evil, weak, and worthless. Now, we are slowly learning that the only truthful two that is, is LOVE, and all the human emotions that, that might represents for you, and on the other side is FEAR, and all the human emotions that, that might represents for you, keeping you still firmly locked in duality…or stuck in the Hollywood drama of love, or the media’s frenzy of fear, that represent the external… It is only when you lift yourself up above the human emotions and find the whole, complete, oneness of pure unconditional LOVE that represent the internal. Going inward, (meditation, walking in nature, creating) is when we connect to the right side of the brain, (the subconscious, the soul, spirit) that we learn to get in balance, giving the left side of the brain (consciousness, the ego, the linguistic) a rest. Not blaming or judging any. Accepting that to get to the oneness, the completeness of what is, you realize that God (the balance) is ALL, and you bring the external inward, allowing the male and female within you, the two-ness to become one within you. Knowing you are one within your Mother (earth), from your Father (spirit) having a human experience!

So, then why do we dream?
If the consciousness is the left side of the brain, the ego, the analytical, the knowledge, the linguistic, and the right side is the subconscious, the soul, the higher self, the spacial artistic, and the only way you can become whole is to allow both, the 2 of everything to become ONE in you… Then that is why we dream…It is your subconscious (soul) communicating with your consciousness (ego).
We dream because it is the answers we have not asked yet to become conscious of our oneness here in this duality…So then, allow this portal to assist you in interpreting your communication with yourself to become whole.

Please feel free to post your dream, and I will do my best to help you understand what your subconscious, higher self, soul, or whaterver you want to call it, wants you to know.


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